Trump: Intelligence Briefing Shows ‘Absolutely No Effect’ of Cyber Attacks on Election Results

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President-elect Donald Trump asserted that cyber attacks had “absolutely no effect” on the results of the election, after he received an intelligence briefing at Trump Tower on Friday.

“While Russia, China, other countries, outside groups and people are consistently trying to break through the cyber infrastructure of our governmental institutions, businesses and organizations including the Democrat National Committee, there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election including the fact that there was no tampering whatsoever with voting machines,” Trump said in a statement sent to reporters.

He added that although there were attempts to hack the RNC, they had the proper security defense to ward off the attacks.

Trump was briefed by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, FBI Director James B. Comey, and Adm. Michael S. Rogers, the head of the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command.

After the meeting, Trump appeared eager to put the controversy behind him, praising the intelligence community for their efforts.

“I have tremendous respect for the work and service done by the men and women of this community to our great nation,” he said.

He also promised to have an aggressive plan to secure the country from cyber attacks, vowing a plan within 90 days of taking the office of the presidency.

“The methods, tools and tactics we use to keep America safe should not be a public discussion that will benefit those who seek to do us harm,” he said. “Two weeks from today I will take the oath of office and America’s safety and security will be my number one priority.”


Obama’s long goodbye: President touts record, shares regrets in farewell leg

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President Obama does not hate long goodbyes.

The outgoing commander-in-chief is saying farewell over a series of essays, memos and addresses that started with a closing national security speech in Tampa a month ago and will continue through his official farewell address in his hometown of Chicago next Tuesday.

In the interim, the president filed his latest installment Thursday, publishing a letter to the American people outlining his proudest accomplishments and biggest regrets from his eight years in office. It was accompanied by 27 individual “exit memos” from top Cabinet and other administration officials.

Got some spare time? Read them here.

To boot, the president authored a detailed, 56-page article for the Harvard Law Review – the publication he once led as a law student – on criminal justice reform. And on Wednesday, he said goodbye to the Armed Forces during a ceremony at nearby Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, after making what could be a parting visit to congressional Democrats on Capitol Hill.

In his letter Thursday to the American people, Obama once again touted his administration’s work helping the country recover from the 2008 financial crisis.

“Eight years later, an economy that was shrinking at more than 8 percent is now growing at more than 3 percent. Businesses that were bleeding jobs unleashed the longest streak of job creation on record,” he wrote.

Obama also touted gains in the number of insured Americans under the Affordable Care Act, a reduction in dependence on foreign oil, an increase in the high school graduation rate, and a decrease in the poverty rate.

“Meanwhile, over the past eight years, no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland. Plots have been disrupted. Terrorists like Usama bin Laden have been taken off the battlefield,” he wrote, before going on to tout diplomatic milestones like the Iran nuclear deal and the thaw with Cuba.

The letter glosses over the sustained Republican resistance to and concerns about the Iran deal – as well as the spread of Islamic State affiliates and other terror groups that still threaten the U.S. and its allies, though Obama did acknowledge in his speech a day earlier that President-elect Donald Trump will face the challenge of quashing ISIS when he takes office.

In his letter, Obama did cite a few regrets, including a failure to pass sweeping gun legislation and immigration reform.

[F]or all that we’ve achieved, there’s still so much I wish we’d been able to do, from enacting gun safety measures to protect more of our kids and our cops from mass shootings like Newtown, to passing common sense immigration reform that encourages the best and brightest from around the world to study, stay and create jobs in America,” he wrote. “And for all the incredible progress our economy has made in just eight years, we still have more work to do for every American still in need of a good job or a raise, paid leave or a dignified retirement.”

Trump tapped into such widespread economic concerns in his successful presidential campaign, during which he blamed government regulations, bad trade deals and other factors for a hollowing of the middle class and challenged administration claims that the economy has surged back from the 2008 crisis.

As he did on Capitol Hill Wednesday, though, Obama used his goodbye letter to warn Republicans against rolling back his signature health care law – something the incoming administration has made its first order of business.

“What won’t help is taking health care away from 30 million Americans, most of them white and working class; denying overtime pay to workers, most of whom have more than earned it; or privatizing Medicare and Social Security and letting Wall Street regulate itself again — none of which middle-class Americans voted for,” Obama wrote.

Republicans, citing rising premiums and other factors, had a different take on the health law in a press conference Wednesday.

“Families are hurting. [Democrats] broke the health care system,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said. “So we’re going to make sure that we have an orderly transition to a better system so it can get back to what we all want, which is lower-cost health care, more choices so that families can actually get affordable health care at a decent price with more choices, more competition and not a costly government takeover.”

On Thursday, Trump tweeted that ObamaCare “was a lie from the beginning,” citing the faulty vow that anyone who liked their doctor could keep their doctor.

Trump tweeted: “time for Republicans & Democrats to get together and come up with a health care plan that really works — much less expensive & FAR BETTER!”

Ford will ditch plans for Mexico plant, and instead invest in Michigan! CEO cites Trump policies

For American Ford employees who voted Trump, his win is already beginning to pay dividends for them.

Before he’s even taken office, President-elect Donald Trump has proven to be quite the job creator.

Ford Motor Company announced Tuesday it will cancel a $1.6 billion plant planned for Mexico and will instead invest $700 million in a Michigan assembly plant, directly tying the decision to “pro-growth policies” championed by President-elect Donald Trump.

Trump had previously been critical of Ford’s plans to build in Mexico. After the announcement, Trump tweeted a link to a story about the Ford decision and then added in a subsequent message: “Instead of driving jobs and wealth away, AMERICA will become the world’s great magnet for INNOVATION & JOB CREATION.”

“We’re doing this decision based on what’s right for our business,” Ford CEO Mark Fields told Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Network. “As we think about the investments here in Michigan, as you can imagine, Neil, we look at a lot of factors as we make those. One of the factors that we’re looking at is a more positive U.S. manufacturing business environment under President-elect Trump and some of the pro-growth policies he said he’s going to pursue. And so this is a vote of confidence.”


Fields said Ford would have gone ahead with the decision whether or not Trump was elected president, however, he did say that he alerted both Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence ahead of the announcement on Tuesday.

The Ford news was the latest in a string of pre-inauguration successes for Trump in the manufacturing sector.

In early December, air conditioner and furnace maker Carrier agreed to stay in Indiana after weeks of negotiations headed by Pence. The decision reportedly saved about 700 jobs that would have been shifted to Mexico.

Later in the month, wireless provider Sprint and Internet company OneWeb announced they would be adding thousands of jobs in the U.S. Both companies are controlled by SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son, who had previously met with Trump.

Earlier Tuesday morning, Trump took aim at another auto giant: General Motors.

“General Motors is sending Mexican made model of Chevy Cruze to U.S. car dealers-tax free across border. Make in U.S.A. or pay big border tax!” Trump tweeted.

GM, however, quickly pushed back on Trump’s assertions.

“GM builds the Chevrolet Cruze hatchback for global markets in Mexico, with a small number sold in the U.S.” a statement said.

The investment in the Flat Rock Assembly Plant is set to create 700 jobs, according to Fields. The money, which was taken from the $1.6 billion earmarked for the Mexico plant, will be used to open a new factory that will build high-tech autonomous and electric vehicles as well as the Mustang and Lincoln Continental, the company said in a press release.

“I am thrilled that we have been able to secure additional UAW-Ford jobs for American workers,” UAW Vice President Jimmy Settles said in the release. “The men and women of Flat Rock Assembly have shown a great commitment to manufacturing quality products, and we look forward to their continued success with a new generation of high-tech vehicles.”

With full control of Washington, the GOP Congress Sets the mandate for ending Obamacare

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Donald Trump is set to become the president of the United States officially on January 20th 2017. The GOP Now controls both the White House and Capitol Hill. They now have their sights set on dismantling the 2010 health-care law signed by Barack Obama.

With a full plate on their hands the lawmakers will also look at a tax overhaul reversing Obama’s environmental regulations along with other conservative priorities.

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer the Democrat along with Nancy Pelosi have already made efforts to try to stop the changes to entitlement programs and the Obama Care Program. Bring It On Schumer said in November after Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell vowed to make repealing Obamacare A first order of business.
Republicans likely won’t be able to replace Obamacare in its entirety for several years considering they would need an alternative program for the roughly 22 million Americans who would lose their current health insurance.

President elect Trump eyes positive progress in keeping Carrier Plant in The United States

President-elect Donald Trump sure is not letting the grass grow under his feet. He is already negotiating with carrier to stay in America and has assigned Vice President elect Mike Pence to lead the way in negotiations.

President-elect Donald Trump said he’s “making progress” in his effort to prevent Carrier from moving a factory abroad, an issue that had become a rallying cry during his campaign.

“Will know soon!” he said Thursday on Twitter, saying he was working even on Thanksgiving to keep the plant in Indiana.

Carrier replied with a tweet of its own, saying it had held discussions with Trump’s team and looked forward to working with the incoming administration. “Nothing to announce at this time,” said the company, which earlier this year said it would eliminate 1,400 jobs by relocating the plant’s manufacturing work to Mexico.

 It was the second time in a week that the president-elect asserted that he had intervened to keep a manufacturing plant from leaving the country. Last week he said he helped persuade Ford Motor Co. to keep a plant in Kentucky, though the company said it never intended to close the facility.

The decision to move Carrier’s furnace factory garnered national notice after a worker’s cell-phone video of the announcement to employees took off on social media and generated criticism of Carrier parent United Technologies Corp. In April, Trump said he would impose a hefty tax on Carrier’s Mexican-made products and “within 24 hours, they’re going to call back: ‘Mr. President, we’ve decided to stay. We’re coming back to Indianapolis.”’

A representative of Farmington, Connecticut-based United Technologies declined to comment beyond Carrier’s tweet. Representatives of Trump’s transition team didn’t respond to a request for more information on the Carrier talks.

‘Real People’

Carrier’s competitors have shifted production to Mexico in the last 10 years, United Technologies Chief Executive Officer Gregory Hayes said in a Nov. 1 speech before the Council on Foreign Relations. Acknowledging that the shift would have “impacts on real people in their lives,” Hayes said the company gave employees three years’ advance notice of the move and is providing training and education.

 “Any UTC employee losing his or her job due to the impacts of offshoring will be given the opportunity to obtain a four-year college degree or technical training of their choice on our tab — tuition, books, and fees,” he said. “We take our responsibility seriously.”

Last week, Trump tweeted that he helped persuade Ford to keep a Lincoln plant in Kentucky. The company clarified that it never intended to close the facility, located in Louisville, but instead was going to shift production of one of the models made there — the Lincoln MKC small sport utility vehicle — to Mexico.

The automaker would continue manufacturing the better-selling Escape in Kentucky, increasing production of that model, it said. Ford said it planned to keep employment at the plant near current levels.

During his presidential campaign, Trump regularly criticized Ford for plans to move its North American small-car production to Mexico, where wages at auto plants are typically about 80 percent lower than in the U.S. “So Ford is leaving,” he said in the first debate with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. “You see that, their small-car division leaving. Thousands of jobs leaving Michigan, leaving Ohio, they are all leaving.”

Ford CEO Mark Fields responded at the time by saying the company would cut “zero” jobs as a result of the moves. “We’ve been adding jobs in the U.S. and we are the largest manufacturer of cars and trucks in the U.S.,” he told reporters last September.

Trump took credit for an earlier move by Ford — its decision to build heavy duty F-Series trucks in Ohio rather than Mexico. “Frankly, I think I embarrassed them,” he said on the stump in New Hampshire in October 2015, adding, “every single person, even my harshest critics gave me credit for it.”

The move to the Ohio facility was called for under a labor deal Ford negotiated with the United Auto Workers in 2011.

Security Briefings

Meanwhile, the transition team responded to a Wednesday report in the Washington Post that Trump had attended only two intelligence briefings since the election — significantly fewer than had previous presidents-elect. Vice President-elect Mike Pence had received multiple briefings, the paper reported.

Jason Miller, Trump transition spokesman, said the president-elect is “receiving briefings and connecting with dozens of foreign leaders — not to mention naming his cabinet and building out his team.”

Miller said the Post report was misleading and blamed it on “politicized” members of the intelligence community who are bitter they didn’t get jobs they thought they deserved.

Avoiding and dismissing voter fraud concerns, and possible solutions

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There was so much concern of voter fraud in this election season. What can we do to avoid these worries in the years to come? Lets explore.


One way to avoid and dismiss Voter Fraud: If it was made to be regulation nationwide the all voters had to have voter ID that consisted of a card that is chipped much like a new credit card. Also has the ability to record transactions on said ID card on a mini SD card implanted into said card. Card can be used once to vote per any voting cycle but most important also included the need for Biometric thumb print to activate said vote to record vote. This would stop voter fraud because it would require the thumb print of the voter and the card to match. It would also stop deceased voters form voting due to lack of thumb print. It would stop multiple votes being cast by the same person because the vote would only register once. All votes would also be recorded on said voter id for verification. Overseas votes could be cast by absentee vote using thumb print app on cell phone. Data base computer could sort out fraud and be similar to NSA or NCIC type of encryption and handling to insure security! Special provisions can be implemented for amputee or missing digits persons. Recap One Thumb One Vote. One Card One Vote registered and recorded to card. Thumb print must match card at time of vote. Please share your thoughts and opinions.

CNN posts article, where will the liberals run and hide from Trump

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This article posted from a CNN author this morning, outlays what liberals will probably do during Donald Trump’s tenure as President. My commentary is in bold black throughout the article. Enjoy.

(CNN)Donald Trump’s election, in addition to worrying many Americans, will usher in a new age of self-development in American life. Following what many liberals see as a profound political defeat, people are likely to see politics as a losing game and give up on it entirely. (We can only hope so) They will stop engaging with public issues like poverty, pollution or public violence. (This is a loaded statement. Some of what the author describes here, the Liberals have been a big part of,  and not engaging in. As in to implement their own brand of solutions. Poverty, pollution, and public violence have increased under a liberal president.)

Instead, they will focus on private concerns like their own individual happiness and health. (I always thought their happiness was making conservatives miserable?) There will be big increases in gym attendance, (This is why I workout at night) consumption of self-help books, (And the increase of play dough, legos, and hot coco)  alternative health treatments (Marijuana) and therapy.
President-elect Trump’s ascension will exacerbate this trend. He has promised a more protectionist agenda, which will have a big influence on the way Americans relate to the outside world. But what will be more profound is the impact it will have on how Americans relate to each other — and themselves. My research indicates that they will start a turn inward, to look more closely at their own lives. (We have had eight years of a president who has caused division in this country. It could never be more clear. I believe that Donald Trump will do more to unify Americans that have been in many years. When people have jobs and prosperity they will be happy.)

Andre Spicer

More Americans becoming self-development junkies means more money for the more-than $11 billion-a-year self-help industry, but perhaps counterintuitively, this surge in self-development won’t be healthy for the country overall.  (I believe that people who have been living off the government will be motivated to actually go to work and look for a job. Bringing jobs back from overseas and stimulating already calling me will be great for America. We want people to be self development Junkies. This is increases the revenue and success for America.)
We all know it is a good idea to look after your health by getting more exercise and not eating too much junk food. But as I have found in my research, stoking an overriding fascination with self-improvement can have some profoundly troubling consequences.
Recently, Carl Cederstrom and I took a look at the impact that the cult of self-improvement has had on our society. Our findings, published in “The Wellness Syndrome,” were not pretty. We found that focusing on self-development can make people narcissistic. It can make people more selfish, as they start to overlook wider commitments they have to family, friends and their wider community.
Self-development devotees become more interested in their own exercise routines than the troubles of other people.  (As an individual who takes their health very seriously , because I don’t want to have to rely on Obamacare to take care of me! I feel that Health and Fitness & Wellness is very important aspect of a person’s life. It should not be taken lightly. However with that said there has to be a balance in life. If you focus constantly on the Troubles of other people and not take care of yourself and your own family and issues, that I can have a reverse effect. Please let me know what your comments on this article are below as I will be happy to hear from you!)

Big News Today as Mr. Trump fills important positions. Trump supporters will love this!

Donald Trump announces his choice for Attorney general, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pompeo for CIA,  and General Mike Flynn for National Security.

Lets quickly break down who these men are. Mike Flynn

Retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn walks through the lobby at Trump Tower, Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016, in New York. (Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press)

Flynn, who has called Islam a “political ideology” that “hides behind being a religion,” will work in the West Wing and have frequent access to Trump as he makes national security decisions. Trump said in a statement Friday that Flynn would be “by my side as we work to defeat radical Islamic terrorism, navigate geopolitical challenges and keep Americans safe at home and abroad.”

Like Trump, Flynn has called for the U.S. to work more closely with Moscow. But his warmth toward Russia has worried national security experts, particularly after he traveled to Moscow to join Russian President Vladimir Putin at a celebration for RT, a Kremlin-backed television channel. Flynn said he had been paid for taking part in the event and brushed aside concerns that he was aiding a Russian propaganda effort.

Jeff Sessions

Image result for Jeff sessions

Sessions was the first senator to endorse Trump, rallying behind the Republican’s hardline immigration policies. On Friday, Trump called Sessions “a world-class legal mind.”

But the Alabama lawmaker could face obstacles in his confirmation hearing, even with Republicans in control of the Senate. He withdrew from consideration for a federal judgeship in 1986 after being accused of making racist comments while serving as a U.S. attorney in Alabama, including calling a black assistant U.S. attorney “boy” in conversation. Sessions denied the accusation.

 Sessions has tangled with the past two Democratic attorneys general on whether terrorism suspects deserve American constitutional rights in civilian court and on the planned closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. He’s also been protective of the attorney general’s right to refuse a legally unsound directive from the president.
Mike Pompeo
Image result for Mike Pompeo

Pompeo has said that Muslim leaders are “potentially complicit” in terrorist attacks if they do not denounce violence conducted in the name of Islam. “They must cite the Quran as evidence that the murder of innocents is not permitted,” he said in a 2013 House floor speech.

A member of the House intelligence committee, Pompeo said former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden should face the death penalty for taking and releasing secret documents about surveillance programs in which the U.S. government collected the phone records of millions of Americans.

Trump called Pompeo “an unrelenting leader for our intelligence community to ensure the safety of Americans and our allies.”

The president-elect is still weighing a range of candidates for other leading national security posts. His choices for secretary of state are said to include former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who met with Trump Thursday.

On Saturday, Trump plans to meet with retired Gen. James Mattis, a contender to lead the Pentagon. Mattis would require a congressional waiver to serve as defense secretary because he has not been out of uniform for the required minimum of seven years.

Trump planned the weekend meetings for his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Others traveling there for discussions include 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who lambasted Trump as a “con man” and a “fraud” in a stinging speech in March. Trump responded by repeatedly referring to Romney as a “loser.”

The two began mending fences after Trump’s victory when Romney called with congratulations.

Transition officials announced new teams that will interact with the State Department, Pentagon, Justice Department and other national security agencies as part of the government transition before his Jan. 20 inauguration.

For about a week after Trump’s victory, departments said they had not had any contact with the president-elect’s team.


No Saudi Oil Says Trump; Saudi Arabia Fires Back

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Imagine making the world’s largest oil exporter sweat it out! That’s exactly what Donald Trump is doing.

Saudi Minister of Energy, Industrial and Mineral Resources Khalid al-Falih arrives for the opening ceremony of the Qatari and Saudi Economic Forum on November 6, 2016 in Riyadh. (Photo  FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images)

This has been a long time coming. Many people who voted for Donald Trump have only dreamed about these types of scenarios to take place. Now they seem to be happening.

The president-elect has said repeatedly that the U.S. needs to block all oil imports from Saudi Arabia.

During his campaign Trump vowed to secure U.S. energy independence from “our foes and the oil cartels,” while also creating “complete American energy independence.”

However, on Wednesday, Saudi Arabia’s oil minister fired back. Khalid Al-Falih, also the chairman of Aramco, said in an interview that “at his heart President-elect Trump will see the benefits [of Saudi oil imports] and I think the oil industry will also be advising him accordingly that blocking trade in any product is not healthy.”

“The U.S. is sort of the flag-bearer for capitalism and free markets,” Al-Falih added. “The U.S. continues to be a very important part of a global industry that is interconnected, that is dealing with a fungible commodity which is crude oil. So having equalization through free trade is very healthy for oil,” he said.

The Saudi oil minister added that Saudis are waiting for Trump’s presidency, as his presidential campaign had amounted to “50,000 feet announcements” that may change.

Despite the U.S. shale oil boom, which has made it the third largest global crude oil producer, the country still relies heavily on Saudi crude imports. Saudi Arabia is the largest Middle Eastern oil supplier to the U.S. with an 11% market share and has also invested heavily in U.S. downstream assets (refineries) to help lock in that supply. Around 31% of all U.S. oil imports are from OPEC members, while Canadian oil imports have a 41% share.

Newly elected Donald Trump does not get a break from biased media

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Alex Jones breaks down the vast web of lies the media continues to spin in order to discredit Donald Trump, after he has proven time and time again that he will potentially be one of the greatest leaders this country has ever seen.

Share your thoughts about biased media reporting concerning President elect Donald Trump. Is it time for them to be a part of the solution to unity and not division for our country?