Donald Trump avoids the media. Does anyone with a dose of comon sense really blame him?

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After his meeting with Barack Obama the other day, Donald Trump made his exit without informing the media. I want to leave the link for the Yahoo article where the media is complaining about this. We just finished an election season where Hillary Clinton avoided press conferences for over a year. But did you ever hear mainstream media complain about it? Absolutely not. Most of what they call “Mainstream media” were in the tank for Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Donna Brazile, who was a spokesperson for CNN and a Clinton campaign manager gave Hillary the questions to the debates with Bernie Sanders. Probably the debates against Donald Trump as well, who knows? The media spent 18 months of slandering, belittling, misrepresenting , and just flat-out lying about Donald Trump. Now that he gives them the cold shoulder, do they really have a right to complain about it? I can show you a compilation of videos where the media boasted over and over again that Donald Trump will never win this election. They also lied and slandered him constantly. Donald Trump will not avoid the dishonest media types. But he’s NOT going to give them privilege either. As Barack Obama says, they’re going to have to get to the back of the bus. Only media with integrity and honesty should be allowed Choice Privileges. Check out the article below and leave me your thoughts.

Trump Team avoids media after meeting


Portland Oregon Protest Agitators hit close to home with me

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The general protest of the election results have hit pretty close to home for me. Just across the river where I reside is Portland Oregon. One of my friends sent me a message on Facebook last night giving me a heads-up that a riot was starting after 11 p.m. I started to check out the local news videos of the riots. These people who are protesting do not even look American to me. They look like they are foreign Invaders. They’re definitely not the America of the 19 fifties sixties seventies and even eighties. They are protesting the results of a democratic process that we call an election. Mainstream media Hammer Donald Trump because he would not necessarily concede the results of an election if it was rigged. The Socialist tried ringing the system and the election against Donald Trump and our movement. However it is very difficult to rig it against a landslide. Now that the Socialist and globalist did not have their way, they continue with their temper tantrums. After the third day, the police have pretty much said, enough is enough. The video that I’m going to show you is going to be all the evidence you need about who the troublemakers are. Police warned them repeatedly to leave the area as it became restricted. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the protesters. As an American taxpaying citizen, I had to live with the results of an election that gave us Barack Obama for two terms. He was not the president of my choice, but I didn’t go out in the streets and burn down buildings and vandalize vehicles to stop the General Public from going about their business. These foreign Invaders however, (and some who we’re born in America) are out protesting our way of life. We as American taxpaying citizens, if you voted for Donald Trump or not, need to take a stand against lawlessness. We are a nation of laws. If we have no laws, we have no country. Send me your thoughts below and I will chime in with you.



It’s time to take a stand against the lies, and propaganda we see on Mainstream Media

Things have changed in the United States and world, like nothing I ever thought I would witness in my lifetime! When I was young I was full of wonder of what the world would be like in the future, How far into space would we travel, how modern our life would be, how much better people would be!
Well things did change but now so much for the better. Instead of our achievements being marks in History as great and wonderful, All I have witnessed is our technology far out pass our intelligence as humans! Sure we may have the ability to communicate with people from around the world on our computers and phones. Yes we can see who we are talking to on a cell phone and we have cars that can drive themselves. Maybe we haven’t really gone too far in space exploration personally yet. But where the hell did our intelligence go? Today our children learn in the 10 grade what we were taught in the 5th grade. Our children are learning for a system that makes it impossible for the average parent to interact with (CORE EDUCATION)! They are exposed to things like social media and propaganda in the likes that we never imagined! Our children are even more disrespectful in a so called Politically Correct world than ever before! (That includes the Hippy error of the 60s) Core Education has been implemented to keep our children ignorant to a level of stupidity of unprecedented proportions! We have allowed through our own apathy, by our own fault, to allow foreign powers and people to influence the growth of our nation, the way of life, with the Blessing of the Current President (Barack Obama) and his Administration! I we stand idly by and take even further, no action to regain control, I fear we will lose all we believe in and our Country forever! We must unite and stay strong, fight back with every fiber of our being to see this rebuilding of our Great Nation through!
It will take a lot of time and patients to un-brainwash our youth of today, I would like to say we have that time at our disposal but I think it will take more of a Shock Treatment to accomplish this for the sake of expediency needed!
We watch as so called Protesters Riot, loot and destroy our country with little to no opposition to their actions! So it is no wonder why they continue to pop up and do what they do, there has been nothing done to stop them or make it any less appealing to them! Until; and unless they are met with equal force and disregard to their safety, giving them no quarter or right to display such actions it will continue to grow and be more frequent! Until we disregard the Politically correct world and remove the restraints of law enforcement to do the very job they were empowered to do, we will be stuck with outcome!
Do not let this become the nightly news filled with the propaganda that we have seen for the last few year and stop the media from making them into super heroes! MAKE A STAND, TAKE A STAND, AND FIGHT BACK IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE! Or you could just pay the price of losing your country once and for all time!