Donald Trump avoids the media. Does anyone with a dose of comon sense really blame him?

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After his meeting with Barack Obama the other day, Donald Trump made his exit without informing the media. I want to leave the link for the Yahoo article where the media is complaining about this. We just finished an election season where Hillary Clinton avoided press conferences for over a year. But did you ever hear mainstream media complain about it? Absolutely not. Most of what they call “Mainstream media” were in the tank for Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Donna Brazile, who was a spokesperson for CNN and a Clinton campaign manager gave Hillary the questions to the debates with Bernie Sanders. Probably the debates against Donald Trump as well, who knows? The media spent 18 months of slandering, belittling, misrepresenting , and just flat-out lying about Donald Trump. Now that he gives them the cold shoulder, do they really have a right to complain about it? I can show you a compilation of videos where the media boasted over and over again that Donald Trump will never win this election. They also lied and slandered him constantly. Donald Trump will not avoid the dishonest media types. But he’s NOT going to give them privilege either. As Barack Obama says, they’re going to have to get to the back of the bus. Only media with integrity and honesty should be allowed Choice Privileges. Check out the article below and leave me your thoughts.

Trump Team avoids media after meeting