Avoiding and dismissing voter fraud concerns, and possible solutions

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There was so much concern of voter fraud in this election season. What can we do to avoid these worries in the years to come? Lets explore.


One way to avoid and dismiss Voter Fraud: If it was made to be regulation nationwide the all voters had to have voter ID that consisted of a card that is chipped much like a new credit card. Also has the ability to record transactions on said ID card on a mini SD card implanted into said card. Card can be used once to vote per any voting cycle but most important also included the need for Biometric thumb print to activate said vote to record vote. This would stop voter fraud because it would require the thumb print of the voter and the card to match. It would also stop deceased voters form voting due to lack of thumb print. It would stop multiple votes being cast by the same person because the vote would only register once. All votes would also be recorded on said voter id for verification. Overseas votes could be cast by absentee vote using thumb print app on cell phone. Data base computer could sort out fraud and be similar to NSA or NCIC type of encryption and handling to insure security! Special provisions can be implemented for amputee or missing digits persons. Recap One Thumb One Vote. One Card One Vote registered and recorded to card. Thumb print must match card at time of vote. Please share your thoughts and opinions.

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