CNN posts article, where will the liberals run and hide from Trump

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This article posted from a CNN author this morning, outlays what liberals will probably do during Donald Trump’s tenure as President. My commentary is in bold black throughout the article. Enjoy.

(CNN)Donald Trump’s election, in addition to worrying many Americans, will usher in a new age of self-development in American life. Following what many liberals see as a profound political defeat, people are likely to see politics as a losing game and give up on it entirely. (We can only hope so) They will stop engaging with public issues like poverty, pollution or public violence. (This is a loaded statement. Some of what the author describes here, the Liberals have been a big part of,  and not engaging in. As in to implement their own brand of solutions. Poverty, pollution, and public violence have increased under a liberal president.)

Instead, they will focus on private concerns like their own individual happiness and health. (I always thought their happiness was making conservatives miserable?) There will be big increases in gym attendance, (This is why I workout at night) consumption of self-help books, (And the increase of play dough, legos, and hot coco)  alternative health treatments (Marijuana) and therapy.
President-elect Trump’s ascension will exacerbate this trend. He has promised a more protectionist agenda, which will have a big influence on the way Americans relate to the outside world. But what will be more profound is the impact it will have on how Americans relate to each other — and themselves. My research indicates that they will start a turn inward, to look more closely at their own lives. (We have had eight years of a president who has caused division in this country. It could never be more clear. I believe that Donald Trump will do more to unify Americans that have been in many years. When people have jobs and prosperity they will be happy.)

Andre Spicer

More Americans becoming self-development junkies means more money for the more-than $11 billion-a-year self-help industry, but perhaps counterintuitively, this surge in self-development won’t be healthy for the country overall.  (I believe that people who have been living off the government will be motivated to actually go to work and look for a job. Bringing jobs back from overseas and stimulating already calling me will be great for America. We want people to be self development Junkies. This is increases the revenue and success for America.)
We all know it is a good idea to look after your health by getting more exercise and not eating too much junk food. But as I have found in my research, stoking an overriding fascination with self-improvement can have some profoundly troubling consequences.
Recently, Carl Cederstrom and I took a look at the impact that the cult of self-improvement has had on our society. Our findings, published in “The Wellness Syndrome,” were not pretty. We found that focusing on self-development can make people narcissistic. It can make people more selfish, as they start to overlook wider commitments they have to family, friends and their wider community.
Self-development devotees become more interested in their own exercise routines than the troubles of other people.  (As an individual who takes their health very seriously , because I don’t want to have to rely on Obamacare to take care of me! I feel that Health and Fitness & Wellness is very important aspect of a person’s life. It should not be taken lightly. However with that said there has to be a balance in life. If you focus constantly on the Troubles of other people and not take care of yourself and your own family and issues, that I can have a reverse effect. Please let me know what your comments on this article are below as I will be happy to hear from you!)

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